Stash Busting the Lining

Between snow and working late and laziness, I still have not run out for more fabric for the lining for this dress...so I turned to my trusty stash and dug up whatever black fabric matched best/was on top of the pile:

 Ten more darts later I was up and running:

I'll admit there were some construction steps here I didn't quite follow and just blindly trusted.  There's this extra part to sew between the lining and the bodice that make the collar pop:

(fabrics look good together, don't they!?)

But between lining and right and wrong sides together then right and right sides together my spacial skills weren't quite up to the task.  It reminds me of when I made the dinosaur costumes and had to add the scales to the tail then turn everything inside out.  It was a mess.  Anyway.  So I just blindly followed along here, fingers crossed, whiskey poured.

It didn't help that I used a double sided interfacing on that extra panel part, when they just called for one sided.  Things got a little sticky.  Also.....some of the paper was unavoidably attached to the interfacing because it was between seams and presses and stuff so the collar is a little stiffer than it needs to be.  Like really stiff.  Like it's excited to see you.  But I think it turned out pretty well, and maybe I'm the only one who will hear the paper crinkle as I put it on.  Pop that collar, gurl!

The directions called for understitching but I didn't quite understand what that meant (I'm a visual learner!) until I was falling asleep in bed last night....Forward, ho!

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