Stash Busting: Exposed!

Matt and I don't have cable, so you'll have to excuse the trashy E! True Hollywood story headline.  I needed a fix.

So, I've been digging through my culled fabric stash and have a few options.  Whew, picking out fabric for this dress...talk about an emotional roller coaster:  At first I was excited because I only need 7/8 a yards of each of two fabric.  Yay!  Then I saw the pattern recommended cotton knit or crepe.  I don't have a healthy stash of those.  BOO!  Then I saw some great outcomes in cotton on Pattern Review.  Especially here.  I have some cottons.  YAY!  Then I went back to my fabric stash and saw the Beatrix Potter fabric.  AH!  And then I saw this version of the dress.  Wild!  SO MANY EMOTIONS!

But now I feel confident moving ahead with cotton options.  The dress has a zipper so I'm not too worried about losing the stretch, plus cotton will make a nice stiff collar and crisp sleevey folds. 

Without further ado, here are your choices:

FIRST!  Red sparrows.  The color is more correct in the bottom image.

SECOND! Blue flowers that look like blue leopard print.

If you/I select either of the above fabrics, I'll buy black fabric for the skirt.  I also don't have enough fabric to do the whole bodice in the above, so the black fabric will be used for the back of the bodice too.  I think I like this plan.

THIRD!  I only chose this because I have a lot of it.

FOURTH!  Little Black Dress time?

FIFTH!  From a former failed dress project.  OH MAN was it ugly.  I ripped it to shreds before I took pictures.  Good instinct.

If you/I choose any of the last three fabrics, I have a gray for the skirt, or same fabric throughout if I make a LBD:

Alright, Gladiators.  Make your selection, post in the comments section to do so.  Here's a recap:

Good luck!

And if you don't like any of these, consider a purpley satin (Thanks for the offer Kat!...let's please raid our fabric stashes together sometime!)


E! Exclusive Extra! (Did it again...):  If I make this first Sixth Dress successfully and have the confidence to do so, I'll attempt a second Sixth Dress in the future.  Sleeveless version with this combo!:

But that will have to wait.  Holy shit, I love this silk so much.  I think I stole it from my mom's stash and I've enjoyed just looking at it all these years.  I think I would die if I actually got to wear it.  (Look, just because I used to not sew doesn't mean I could be without a solid fabric stash.  Troof.)\

I'm out for the weekend!  Enjoy updates on how Nicole's Kimono Dress ended up, let me know your fave fabric choices and I'll see you after the weekend!  Thanks Nicole for you uberfantasic posting.  And I'd love it just as much even if it didn't buy me time to do other things this weekend: two derby scrimmages and the ole work holiday party.  This is how we do it.


  1. Wait, what's that sixth fabric in the final lineup? I like that one! Okay, I'm texting in my votes right now to 12dresses - red sparrows are my number 1 pick, if unknown fabric #6 isn't available, followed by the blue flowers. I think that they look awesome with the retro styling of the dress. And red sparrows would match red cowboy boots!

  2. I'm phoning it in for red sparrows as well.


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