So close!

Helllloooooo, Nicole!
While fnishing up my dress by the end of November didn't quite happen, I was pretty darn close.

I spent the better part of two evenings working on the sash, which turned into a little mind mystery because of the interfacing. As Sandy previously mentioned, the interfacing dimensions given in the pattern are incorrect, as you need to cut a piece 22 inches wide on the fold, so it's really 44 inches wide. I ended up having to cut two separate pieces of interfacing and overlapping them slightly, as the piece of interfacing I got wasn't wide enough.

After I figured out that conundrum, I realized that I didn't know when to fuse the interfacing to the fabric - before or after I attached the sash front to the sash back? I wasn't sure if I could sew over the paper and then be able to remove it, so I decided to go ahead and fuse the interfacing to the wrong side of the sash facing and then sew it all up. Luckily, my plan worked! It was a little sticky to sew over and I had to decrease my tension and hand feed the fabric through, but it all worked well. I then spent the next hour or so turning the entire shebang inside out. Have you ever tried to turn a 7 foot long tube inside out? Yeah, it was a pain.

So, by the end of the evening, this is how the project was left. The sash has yet to be pressed, and the dress has yet to be hemmed.

But I'm so close!

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