I've had to skip a few steps because I don't have the lining, and stop before a few steps because I'm too lazy to switch the thread colors (black to red for the skirt)....so I made what was in between all those things: SLEEVES!

The construction was pretty straightforward.  Take a sleeve, fold it, baste it, fold hem under twice, baste it, sew it.  It's worth rementioning though that I really was too lazy to switch the fabric and broke one of my cardinal smartie pants rules:

6) Baste stitch for gathering with a thread that's a contrasting color.  

Black on black is a little bit of a bitch to seam rip and I'm pretty sure I lost five years of good sight.  I ended up top stitching the sleeve hem twice (in two neat & parallel rows) because I missed picking up a tiny sliver of the hem underneath and absolutely could not bring myself to seam rip anymore!

But they are done and they are cute:

(not sewn in)

I really like sewing with this sateen.  It's pretty lush and, I don't know, kind just does what it's supposed too.  I've gotta' go get some more for the lining fabric....

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