Let the Cutting Begin!

After I got all the fabric I needed last night and I wouldn't wait to dive right in and mess around with pattern paper for the first time in, uh, forever.  The Fifth Dress pattern was traced and the Fourth Dress pattern was printed on computer paper.  Where is the sexy?  Oh yeah, here it is:

*crinkle*crinkle*, baby!

I know I'm doing the right thing because I didn't panic at all when cutting this red sparrow fabric, which is what I usually did when trying to find a use for it.  Also, do you see how perfectly/barely the bodice pattern pieces fit on the red sparrow fabric?  It was meant to be!  Good thing I had a back up plan for the skirt....

 and the sleeves....

This pattern paper had a hilarious G-rated typo on it, too:

Aw yay!  Smiles time!

Anyway, I know I'm trying new things with each dress...zipper, sleeves, lining, stretch.  This time?  Awesome design:

The only bad thing is that I didn't read the instructions very carefully so I have to run back out and get some lining, son of a bitch.  The top is lined.  Some reviews said you can easily go without, but the forecasted high is going to be two degrees next week.  T. w. o.  Two as in more letters in the word than degrees on my thermometer next week, so um yeah, I'm opting for the extra layer of fabric.


Question for you:  So I mentioned for the fabric I got for the skirt and sleeves were stretch-y.  Stretch is what the pattern called for anyway, right?  But I looked at the fabric schematic for a while and the line up they suggested had the stretch of the fabric running lengthwise.

My special amateur sewing intuition told me it should run widthwise, though, and I boldly cut the pattern pieces that way.  Did I make a mistake?  I just folded the fabric with selvedge to other edge, rather than selvedge to selvedge and it all fit and I saw that it was good. 


  1. Re: the question. Hmm. First off, it depends on whether you've got a woven fabric or a knitted fabric there. I'm assuming it's a knit (wovens don't have stretch on the lengthwise and crosswise grains -- that's one of the reasons you cut on the bias in certain situations). Knits are different in how much they'll stretch in any given direction. You want the greater stretch to be in the direction of around your body for obvious reasons. That said, you should be fine if you're not horribly picky. Stretchy is stretchy and as long as you've got it on one of the grains (lengthwise or widthwise on the fabric). If you're worried, try stretching your fabric each direction and see what you get! If you've already got it cut, though, you're pretty much stuck with it. :)

  2. You are incredibly helpful, thanks Kat! The directions call for a knit fabric (two way stretch?) so that makes sense that the pattern schematic is the way it is; if you're using a knit it wouldn't matter which way the pieces were lined up...correct? My fabric is woven, so it's by a hope and a prayer it fit another way and I made it work. It will stretch around my body. Thank you for sharing your knowledge! I think I understand now.


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