The Holidays!

It's probably no surprise to you because of the lack of posting, but life is crazy right now!  I work in a chocolate shop and there is a little thing called Christmas coming this week, plus the hubbs and I are traveling to North Carolina to visit our stubborn past due, but soon to be born nephew.  There was a derby game last weekend (we won!) so life's a little hectic.  I'm officially giving myself a sewing break until the New Year.  I haven't finished the Sixth Dress, but I'm so close!  I will greet you with images my dress success in the New Year!

Happy Holidays sewists, friends and family!!!
Love, Sandy


  1. Happy holidays to you too. Have a safe trip and enjoy

  2. Happy holidays, Sandy! I hope that you have a great time with your new little nephew and hope that you get some relaxing time away. Looking forward to seeing more of your craftiness in the new year!


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