Nicole's wrap up--so cute!

With a quick pressing of the sash and hemming of the skirt, my dress was completed! Happily, it looks much more like a dress now than a you know what. And I love the two sash options - patterned or plain.

In the spirit of twelvedresses, here's my recap!

*Kimono Dress Report Card*

PATTERN INSTRUCTIONS: I agree that this was a super easy pattern, which was great for a beginning sewer like me. Not too many pieces, not too many spectacular tricks with the sewing machine, and the use of elastic thread was super fun. Although there aren't any errors listed for the errata for this book, that should be updated to include the correct dimensions for the interfacing. Everyone who has made this dressed and blogged about it online comments that the sash ties as written are too short, but I wonder if the model in the book only had the sash knotted once and has a scary skinny waist...either way, if you want the sash to look like the one in the book, you  have to add several inches on either end. Take that into account when you're buying fabric, because it wouldn't work out on a bolt 45" wide.

PATTERN SIZING:  I'm a small lady, so this dress ended up being pretty big on me, which I expected. Individual sizes (S,M,L, and XL) rather than size ranges (S/M and L/XL) would be a nice touch, but I see why they went by the wayside with the crazy pattern sheet included in the book. Be prepared to wrap the bodice points around to the back side of the dress to make this sucker fit. I also still need to add a few stitches by hand to the front of the bodice, where the neckline meets. I think that'll help keep the dress in place a little better.

FABRIC CHOICE:  While I initially really liked this fabric on the bolt, I would choose another fabric pattern/color if I were doing it again. I'd also choose something more drapey than a light cotton, but I still don't know what...most drapey fabrics seem to sheer and fiddly to sew with for a newer sewer like me. But yeah, both Sandy and I broke the rules and used cotton, even though the pattern didn't call for it. It's just so hard when that's the fabric type with the most pattern options. I blame society.  [Ed. Note: Word.]
Pattern: Free, if you get the pattern from a friend or the bibliotheque!
Main Fabric: $28.50 for 3 yards, but I wonder if 2 1/2 or so would have worked
Sash Fabric: $3.05 for 1/2 yard of sash fabric (patterned purple) and 1/4 yard of contrastic or facing fash fabric (plain purple). I got a little extra to have enough, but would have needed a lot more to have a longer sash, since the fabric pieces are 45" wide.
Notions (thread for dress and sash and double sided fusible interfacing): $4.22 (I bought thread for the sash, but found that I didn't really need to, as all the stitching ends up on the inside. I did cheat, though, and edge stitch the opening closed instead of whip stitchin it by hand. It was late and I didn't feel like learning a new technique.)
Total (with tax added in): $37.74

PERFECT OCCASION:  Casual warmer weather dress, eating sushi in the park. I think this would look cute with leggings and boots, but it's definitely not a warm dress for the winter.

WOULD I MAKE THIS DRESS AGAIN?: Probably not, because I like to have new experiences and would like to try a different pattern, but it was a fun experience and seemed very manageable for a working gal to finish up in a month during an few evening or weekend hours here or there. I think it'd be a pretty hectic weekend of sewing and nothing else for me if I were to attempt it over a Friday-Saturday-Sunday, but a more experienced sewer would be able to finish it, no problem.

Thanks to Sandy for inviting me to share my experiences this month with you all and to S+L for the sew-along idea and fun pattern!

Oh my gosh, my pleasure!  I think it looks great, Nicole, and I'm so happy that we were able to work together on this.  I like your length better than mine.  You're so technical...your hem is actually straight!  You ready to do another one sometime soon?

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