Will It Fit?

Nicole's ridiculously prescient post about fitting this dress correctly.  Did I tell you she was a planner or what??

Now that I have my side sewing project out of my system, I moved on to my main project and started sewing my kimono dress. I've only been able to get a little sewing in here and there during the evenings lately, but have been able to piece together the bodice of the dress. It's starting already to look like a dress! How very exciting. Here it is inside-out, after sewing the two front pieces to the sleeves, and sewing it all to the back.


The sleeves and back reminded me of a strange game of Tetris (who knew that Tetris was born in Moscow?), with all these blocky shapes (minos!) that I needed to fit together (to form Tetriminos, of course!)...I kept having to look at the directions to make sure I didn't put the sleeves on sideways. It definitely helps to have pictoral descriptions. I love that Weekend Sewing has the instructions in written and picture form. There have been times that I've sat, re-reading knitting or sewing instructions for at least an hour before it finally clicks. Pictures definitely help. Way to go, Weekend Sewing!

So now that I had the pieces together, it was time for the first test - will it fit? Nothing to do but try it on...

What do you think? There have been several crafters who have made this dress and found that it's too big, like Miss Behave. Here's some good advice from make & do, to make sure that the bodice doesn't fall off your shoulders. I think I'm going to follow her advice and pin the front in place across the bust before sewing the bodice to the skirt.

And here's a similar dress, but with a different patten, by Sew Weekly who is, well, sewing weekly. Her goal is to sew an item of clothing for herself every week and after a year or so, have her entire wardrobe consist of hand-made items. Super ambitious and cool project, and how cute is she?!

Off to finish up the bodice! I just have to edge stitch around the neck and hem the sleeves, then off to the skirt and putting it all together.

Like Sandy, I'm going to need some confidence and maybe a stiff drink before I tackle the step where I attach the bodice and skirt with elastic thread. Wish us luck!

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