The Trifecta is Complete

Dear readers: Yesterday I revealed the exciting news that the Fifth Dress will be a sew along with my friend Lauren.  I have MORE exciting and breaking news...we have successfully roped our friend Nicole (the "N" in the SNL trio) into making the same dress with us, too!  The trifecta is complete!  Dun-dun-DUN!  (It's different this time.  It's even better.)
I say "roped", but truth be told she's pretty excited about it too.  Nicole is very crafty herself, an avid knitter, and a very good comment-er.  (You may recognize her from here and--my personal favorite--here.)  I knew she has wanted to sew something for a little while now, and that's when I swooped in!  We three are going to be adorable.  Adorable little grown ups.

Are you ready to see the dress?  No?  How about now?  Great!:

Image from http://thestitchinchicken.com/

It's called the "Kimono Dress" and it's from "Weekend Sewing" by Heather Ross.  There are lots of great, fast sewing projects in this book, and I highly recommend it.   You should credit it's discovery to Lauren.  She was tasked with picking something simple (after the steep learning curve of the Fourth Dress) and I know this dress has been on her "Project List" for quite some time....

Things I'm looking forward to with this dress????  One.  It's a pattern from a book.  I'm totally prepared to learn pattern tracing and all that fun stuff.   (Although, no pattern paper. *sniff*)

Two.  I'll also be learning is how to sew with elastic thread.  Sounds space age!  Far out, man.

Three.  But mostly, I'm really excited to see how different each of our identical dresses will be.   Like, stupidly excited.  Cannot wait excited.  How about you??

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