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Here is guest blogger Nicole's account of starting the Kimono Dress!

Oh, a sew along! Thanks to Sandy for inviting me along for the fun and for letting me tell all you about it here on her lovely blog, which often gets me through those boring spots of the day at work. I'm so excited to be doing a group project with friends. I feel like I have a few real ringers in my group, which is good, since my sewing experience is pretty limited. I'll tell you more about that later in another post.

I got right down to cutting the other night after hanging out with S+L, and the whole process took all of 10 minutes. I was blown away. One dress, composed of only four different pieces. What? It feels like it should be harder than this. But remember, the sewing has yet to begin.

As Sandy mentioned, the book has all of the patterns crammed into one giant sheet of paper.

Lucky for me, Lauren had already traced all the dress pattern pieces onto separate paper, because I don't know if I could have decoded this sprawl of colors. It reminds me of the Centre Pompidou in Paris. Your mind thinks "Oh, pretty" when you see the jumble of colors, but it takes a minute to really process what you're seeing.

So with the hard work done for me, I was ready to get started. Breaking out the little weights that came with the sewing machine and accoutrements my grandma passed along to me awhile back, wielding shears (not scissors!), I got to work and was done before I knew it.

Next step, actual sewing!

But before we set needle to this fine fabric, let's do a little warm up sewing. I'll tell you all about my first project digression in my next post. Let's just say that it involves the repurposing an old t-shirt of yours truly.


  1. Hi. Love the fabric choice, and love the pattern. I clicked on the book link, looking to buy it, but after the reviews I am a little hesitant. They all seem to refer to the fact that the book is full of errors! Oh no! I hope you ladies fit the pattern pieces up to your body to see if they were close to fitting. I will keep watching because I want this to work out for you all. Good Luck!

  2. Nicole,
    I love the fabric you chose. And, I always thought Kimono styles were very elegant looking. Can't wait to see how it turns out.

  3. I love that building in Paris. I was there many eons ago and was looking for a library. Someone told us to head that way and we couldn't miss it. Certainly didn't miss it. Did have a difficult time at first figuring out how to get into it :-)

  4. Yea! Yea! Yea! Makes me want to get to my sewing machine but alas it is late. Perhaps tomorrow. T Anonymous in regards to the book: Yes, there are a fair deal of errors (they fit on one sheet of paper though). You can get the corrections on the author's website or wait for the second printing. ;) The book is a must really. LOVE it!

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