Slacker, but Slacker Who Brings You Fabric.

What's up!  Tuesday night I was able to get together with the SNL ("Sandy, Nicole, Lauren") trio and see everyone's fabric.  We were supposed to cut out the dresses too, but then we got to talking and catching up...and ogling over everyone's fabric became the most we could handle for one night.  It was perfect! 

It's also why I'm a slacker and have had nothing dress-related to post.

Wanna ogle with us?  It's way fun:

Nicole's Fun Cotton
Lauren's Ambitious Linen, with contrasting thread.
This is so cool!  I can't wait to have everything finished and see what the dresses look like!

I also got my Dogwood in Lake in the mail, and the pattern was a little larger than I thought.  I'm a little worried it looks like a Hawaiian shirt print.  Am I crazy?:

Guess who didn't iron?

Ah well, it's all going to be lovely.  So now we have to pick out the contrasting sash fabric and the Dress Stencil and the actual preparations for the dress will finally be complete!  Unless we get together and start talking again, then this dress might take a while....

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