Sashay, Shante

Work it girl!  I started and finished the kimono dress sash yesterday, but not before getting RuPaul's great '90s hit, Supermodel, stuck in my head.  Sashay, shante!  (I know.  Yesterday I started with a music-esque aside, and I'm sorry but imma gonna do it again.) SOOOOOOOOOO.....

Speaking of RuPaul......For reasons that are still unknown to me, I ended up watching a RuPaul's Drag Race marathon a few months ago.  You have not lived until you have seen someone "lip synch for their life!".  In addition to tha,t you have also not lived until you have seen the glamorous RuPaul not in drag.  I couldn't believe it.  After a full show segment I realized this little cameo was not RuPaul's assistant, but was actually RuPaul:

And since we're on the topic, I have one more favorite RuPaul story to share: When I was about 10, I asked my mom why RuPaul was always on the news.  She said, "Well, RuPaul was born a guy but feels more comfortable dressed as a woman.  I don't know why people are always talking about it."  Point made, end of conversation, no need to explain something different as something weird.  "Someone was just more comfortable doing something."   Looking back, that was amazing.  So I guess that's less of a favorite RuPaul story and more of a story about how kick ass my mom can be.  Okay, on with the sashay, shante......


Be Ye Warned: The instructions call for 1/8 yard of contrasting fabric for the sash, but ye shall need more than that.  The two pieces for the sash stack to 6 inches, so get at least 1/6 a yard.  Also, there is a call for a 9 x 20 piece of interfacing, yet the piece you are cutting is 22" long.  Ye Have Been Warned.


You'll remember the sash fabrics I chose, maybe.  Here they are:

The pattern pieces for this dress didn't get passed around so I was able to trace my own.  They don't look as nice as Lauren's, but I like to think what I lacked in professionalism I made up for in festiveness:

Yes.  That is wrapping paper. 

You can see I bought way more than the 1/2 yard recommended for one of the sash fabrics, which was great because of the 1/8 shortage I mentioned earlier.  So rather than running back out to the fabric store, I improvised a bit and just made the center panel of the sash facing the contrasting fabric.  The rest is the navy.  See what I mean.  (And oh man, is this sucker long....)

The sash called for double sided facing, so I used Heat and Bond.  I recommend leaving the paper lining on as along as possible before peeling.  It makes sewing a lot easier.  I had to ease the interfacing along with some wax paper because I did not do this.

BUT, I finished the sash with no injuries or delays.  I kind of like the happy accident of the fabric shortage because now I have two cool ways to wear my dress.  (And hair, apparently, what the heck am I doing here?)

Contrasting sash with the I Hate Taking Pictures of Myself look
Coordinated Sash with the Nevermind, I'm a Bad Ass look
Now all I have to do is the hem, and voila!  Fifth Dress in the bag.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!  Talk to you over the weekend.


  1. Heard about your blog from your friend who stopped into my friend's fabric store (Drawstring Studio) in Milwaukee. I love this dress, especially with the black sash.

  2. I'm kick-ass? That is the ultimate compliment.
    Love you and the dress.


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