Home Made Pattern Paper

And lucky me!  I did not have to make it in my home!  Lauren's hard work really paid off for all of us here:

Weekend Sewing (the book this pattern is from) has a TON of patterns, and they are all kinda' spirographically laid out on two double sided sheets of paper.  It's gorgeous and I will have to get you a picture ASAP.  But what that means is that if you cut into one pattern, the rest are ruined, so copying and making your own pattern is the only way to go.  

The sizes for this looser fitting dress are pretty general: Small/Medium and Large/Extra Large.  Fortunately, Nicole, Lauren and I are all the same size, so we passed Lauren's original set around.  She even included all the pattern instructions...so sweet!:

This dress only has four pieces (plus the obi sash, not shown).  I see why they call it Weekend Sewing.  Should I be sad it's going to take me a full month?

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