Fifth Dress Sewing....Finally.

SO.....My bad.  I've been waiting to get the Weekend Sewing book for Lauren for a week now.  I didn't bug her too much because I knew she was sewing too, and I wanted to be polite.  It's her book after all, right?  Little did I know that sweetheart had already sent all the instructions to Nicole and I um, like, exactly a week ago.  How did I miss that email?  So great!  And the instructions are soooo cute!

So I finally started sewing...

The bodice and sleeves come together first.  It's hard to tell with this pattern--you can kinda see the seams above--but the sleeves join waaaaay into the bodice.  I like it.  It creates this narrow little panel on the front of the bodice, which would otherwise look like a basic wrap dress.  Cute detail, Weekend Sewing.  Very cute.  Then you sew the back on:

That part was pretty basic, but looking at this picture I'm pretty excited to see this dress all pulled together with that brown trellis-y fabric.  Yay! 

So this is where I'm stopping tonight.  The next place we're heading is elastic thread territory and something tells me I'll want to be well rested and prepped for that.

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