Fifth Dress Do-Over

When we last left off, I had thrown myself into a deep session of self-examination because one side of the dress was a little frumpy.  Boo hoo hoo.  Thanks for hanging in there with me.  After a little self help in the form of seam ripping and some group therapy with my fellow dressmakers, I'm back on track:

Ahhhh, smooth.

After seam ripping the dress in two again, I wrapped the bodice around a bit more, which went a long way in a better fit this time around.  You know how I came up with that fix?  I actually tried the bodice on before sewing it together this time!  Originally, it was sewn so that the ends of the wrap were at the side seams.  That wasn't enough, for Nicole or for me, so now the ends of the wrap go about two inches past that seam on either side.  Also, I brought the skirt in a lot.  With a lighter fabric, I could have used the fullness, but with this cotton it was best without.  I cut about an inch off either skirt seam.

Again, much happier now.  Though this dress still isn't very flattering without the sash. It looks better in the picture than it does in real life, but you can tell it lacks a little va-va-va-voom!

But, as predicted, I'm moving ahead.

My tips for you?  Do the above adjustments for a better fit, and if you want to sew this dress and be able to wear it without the sash do these two things as well:

1) Make the waist higher, almost empire.  This sits right in the middle of my rib cage and that doesn't make for a very flattering look.

2) Wind the elastic thread on the bobbin a little tighter.  Instructions for this dress called for a loose wind up, but you should get a more flattering waistline (sans obi sash) with a tighter bobbin.


All I have to do now is sew the sash (whose pattern pieces I forgot to pick up from an SNL house today) and hem!  I have another project I've been working on to share with you and then I might get a jump start on the Sixth Dress.  December is a busy busy month so I'll take all the extra time I can get.  I've been eyeing this (can I do another Burda so soon??) and this (short sleeves, fitted skirt).  Any other suggestions?  I'm feeling a little pressure to mark the "half way point" in my year long project with something special.   But how do you follow up a sew along with some of you favorite people??

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  1. Sandy, I really love this fabric! I think that you did a really nice job of getting the fit to a better, happier place. I'm going to write up my experiences tonight, hopefully!


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