TA DA!!!!  Last day of the month, crazies.  What do you think?  What?  That's my sexy look and my photographer asked for sexy.  

Okay, here's a slightly better view, sorry for the lighting issues.

I know some of you will have to pardon the navy blue dress and black stocking pairing above, but that is how I roll.  When you are dressing in Wisconsin in November, you are trying to cover every square inch of skin before you can even begin to worry about matching. 

Back to the dress...It's hard to tell the length, looks a little longer in the back, no?  Here's a more eye level view of the skirt length:

For as easy as this dress was to sew though, it came out fine.  Not great, just fine.  You can see above that not only is the cheater band a little wonky (my bad), and below you can also tell the neckline is too.  It's wide and falls off the shoulders a bit much.  (Strapless bras, here you come!)  I blame the pattern a bit--it is a quickie weekend project--but also my fabric choice for how this falls.  I'll get into that in my Report Card . 

Pssst--it's also worth mentioning that these picture were taken after a wear and a wash.  A plus about the washing?  It shrinks up the elastic waisting a bit.  Awesome!:


I'm excited to see how Lauren and Nicole's dresses turn out!  This month's dress was supposed to be a Sew Along for the three of us, but I think we settled for a "Sew Near".  We tried getting together to do some tandem sewing, but it just turned into a gab fest.  No complaints.


*Fifth Dress Report Card*

PATTERN INSTRUCTIONS: Super easy to follow, with cute drawings to help along the way.  My only complaint is the measurements given for the sash fabric and interfacing were too small.  They would have never worked.  You can read more about that here.  Additionally, the picture given for this dress in Weekend Sewing features a much longer sash than the pattern would make, so if you want that length buy even more fabric.

PATTERN SIZING:  Since the pattern only comes in two sizes (small-medium and large-extra large), be prepared to do some finessing.  The great part is that you can try on the bodice after it's been mostly sewn together: no pins to stab at you!  The skirt will follow the bodice measurement.

FABRIC CHOICE:  I like the fabric pattern a lot, and was glad I could find an exact navy match for the sash and cheater band on a separate shopping trip.  I decided I don't love the contrasting fabric for this project though: it has an off white background and the main fabric only has white, but that's my bad and I'll live (by never tying the sash with that fabric facing out).
The big takeaway from this part of the review, though, is this: don't use a straight 100% cotton fabric for this dress, so matter how much you've convinced yourself it's drapey.  It is not, in fact, drapey.  The book does not call for cotton, so if you listen to the book and try not to pretend you know better, you should be fine.  I blame the awkward neckline fit on my poor fabric choice.

Pattern: $18.15* (the cost of Weekend Sewing on Amazon.  Keep in mind it includes oodles of other patterns.)
Main Fabric: $30.30 (Including shipping.  I need to buy less expensive fabrics.)
Sash Fabric: $4.34
Notions (double sided fusible interfacing): $1.11
Total: $53.90 (or $35.75 if you just want to check the book out of the library.)

*  I didn't include the cost of paper to transfer the pattern on this, as I found water logged wrapping paper does the trick just as well, and I'm sure we all have that lying around.
PERFECT OCCASION:  Going out dressed as adult triplets with Nicole and Lauren.  Terrifying, or fantastic???

WOULD I MAKE THIS DRESS AGAIN?: I would, but I don't think I will.  It was totally easy and definitely doesn't need to take a month to make.  There are just too many dresses I want to make out there.  If I did do it again, it would be in a different fabric. 


  1. Cute dress, looks very nice on you. I think a picture with all three of you together in your new creations would be great. Just a though. Look forward to your next project.

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