Fabrics: Completed.

So, I finally picked out my contrasting sash fabrics.  Or should I say "contrasting"? 

I got a navy blue for one side of the sash, so that's not really going to set it off (aka "contrasting").  But I got that trellised brown thing for the other side.  A little pattern mix and matchy. 

I had to think long and hard before getting this brown.  And not because of the pattern mixing, I like that mucho.  But because I think I have, like, no pairs of brown shoes.  And YES I know this is a navy dress, and YES I was going to wear black shoes with it anyway, thankyouverymuch, but now that might have to change with this fabric (see my About Me for me progressive ideas on shoe fashion).

I got a bit extra of the navy because I didn't get a bit extra of a certain other fabric, and I think this will make a nice band around the bottom.  I thought about the green, but that may have been too springy?  I'm pleased.


  1. I had the pleasure (thank you again for letting me stop over) of seeing your fab fabric choices in person. It is going to look so very fabulous! I can't wait!

  2. You NEED some RED shoes for this amazing dress. Yes you can go trendy with some slouchy boots but RED Mary Janes would be my choice :) Oooh or purple ones... Love You Lady!!! Salina


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