I realize I totally forgot to tell you about my adventures in elastic thread!  But before I get to that, let's run through the short list of songs I've been singing where I replace the word "electric" for "elastic".  Seriously, I could not stop singing these songs while sewing with this thread.  Do I know how to party or what?????   Can you identify the songs?  Trust me, you have a much better chance if you're reading them and not listening to me try to sing them.  Oy.

It's elastic!  Boogiewoogiewoogie!

....elastic eelBaby Girl.  Turn me on with your elastic feel....

'Cause the power, you're supplying, it's elasticizing!

Oh my god, I should never write posts this early in the morning.  Anyway, on to the elastic thread.


I didn't have the Weekend Sewing book in my possession anymore, so I emailed Lauren:

Me: Blahblahblahtalkingblah (oh, and elastic thread just needs to be wound tightly, correct?)  Thanks!
Lauren:  No, wind it loosely onto a bobbin. Blahblahblahcontinuesonlikei'mnotanidiotthankyoulaurenblahblah.

So you can see it started nice.  But apparently you can wind it more tightly to get a more elasticized look (see this dress tutorial from Jorth!)  Looking back though, you may remember I recommended a tighter wind up if you want the dress to work without a belt.  But it's up to you.  Loose bobbin, hand wound, coming right up!

Oh, and the bobbin part solved a little mystery for me.  I thought I was going to have to lace this fatty fat fat thread through my machine, but no....just underneath.

So anyway, it was pretty fun.  You feed the fabric through (in my case the skirt and the bodice of the kimono dress) and it goes in smooth and comes out like a scrunchie!:

There's s little crinkle there, no?  FANCY!  I highly recommend messing with the thread tension before endeavoring to sew with elastic thread other wise you might not get any crinkle.  I set my tension to the tighter side [Matt will insert his own joke here.].

We're gonna rock down to elastic avenue.

Ugh, okay...its over.


One more thing though: Down the "weird thread" aisle, which is where I found the elastic thread of course, I also found glow in the dark thread!  Be prepared for that.

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  1. Sewing with elastic thread IS fun. My fave is to create shirring with a bunch of lines of thread; it looks cute on a little sundress.


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