Cutting Out the Fifth Dress


Ah yes, the old soup can method of cutting.  (Not as original as I thought.)  You see...as I mentioned in my last post, I inherited Lauren's patterns.  Nicole* had used them already too, and you know what: no pin marks.  I felt badly.  So soup cans it was...le sigh.

I had to cut this pattern out without any schematic to keep me in line.  I was so proud of myself.  I read the notes on all the pattern pieces, figuring out which pieces had to go on folds.  I even laid out the bodies pieces so that the pattern all ran the same way--I was on a roll!  Until, that is, I got to the end.  Notice anything wrong with this picture?  I'm cutting the last piece (the skirt) from the last length of fabric.:

Let's zoom-a-loom on in here:


D'oh!   I don't have enough fabric.  Turns out I didn't actually read all the instructions on all the pattern pieces or I would have noticed this one:

What the what?  Cut two on fold?  Son of a---*breath*  Things I have learned, take it away:

10) When ordering fabric online, be sure to always order at least a half a yard extra.

BUT, it's okay.  I have a plan.  I need to get fabric for the obi sash still.  If I don't like the length of this dress with my, *ahem*, alterations, I'm going to add some extra length with the sash fabric.  Aw yeah, smoove.

This isn't my first time at the cover up rodeo, if you'll remember, so I'm gonna go ahead say it: I'm good at covering up mistakes.  Admittedly, it's a skill born from necessity, but I'll take it.

* Exciting programming note!: This weekend, welcome Nicole, the first ever (twelve) dresses guest blogger!  She's cute, funny and has a classier method of soup can cutting.  Fun, fun!


  1. I LOVE that you three ladies are all making the same dress!! Can't wait to see the finished products!


  2. Classier, yes, but alchemy was involved. Someday I'll teach you how I miniaturized soup cans to create my tiny fabric weights.

  3. I can tell by the can labels that you're eating healthy! Can't wait to see how they all turn out.
    Love, Mom


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