Can You Wear a Kimono Dress in an Operating Room?

Yay for Nicole!  She's almost done with her kimono dress, so please read on about her lie telling.  I don't think it looks like what she think it looks like.

While Sandy has completed yet another beautiful dress at the end of one month's time, my kimono dress is laying, languishing, in a corner during this holiday weekend. I'm stalled out, still trying to decide what to do. I'll give a full recap soon, but the long and the short of it is that it involved a panicked call to Sandy recently after I finished sewing the skirt and bodice together and tried the whole shebang on. As I stood there, admiring my fantastic elastic thread sewing abilities, it dawned on me....the color, the vague pattern, the cut of the neck and wide sleeves...my god, I'd created a hospital gown!

It's not as bad with a scarf playing the part of a makeshift sash, but the jury's still out. Get new fabric and start over to (hopefully) end up with something that I'd actually wear, or forge ahead and finish 'er up? Sandy has very kindly suggested some alterations to help my cause, which would definitely be the fastest way to finish - get a nice patterned fabric in purple for the sash, and add a strip at the skirt hem of the same fabric to visually break up the hospital green-ness. For now, though, indecision reigns. Le sigh.

On a happier note, though, despite my mishaps, this really was a fun first attempt at sewing my own clothing, and my admiration for those who clothe themselves in home-made duds has grown exponentially. 

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