Before I Get To That--

So, I know I promised to *dazzle* you with my elastic thread skillz, but I skipped over a few steps, like hemming for the neckline and um, oh yeah, sewing together the skirt.  Minor things....

About that neckline....In my panicky tear through Joann Fabrics the other night looking for fabric for the sash I managed to grab the interfacing and elastic thread but totally neglected to buy the regular thread for this dress.  I wanted to get a navy to match the special little cheater band I'm putting at the bottom of the dress to make up for my cutting mistake.  But, again, that never happened.  Improvise!

This is the leftover thread from the First Dress, and it matched the green well enough for me.  I think it's a pretty cute detail, actually.

I hesitated for a half a second with all these colors...green thread...navy cheater band...brown contrast sash...red cowboy boots...red cowboy boots?  Oh yes, my pal Salina pretty much has the best fashion sense ever and said this when she saw this fabric:
You NEED some RED shoes for this amazing dress. Yes you can go trendy with some slouchy boots but RED Mary Janes would be my choice :) Oooh or purple ones... 
So I'm leaning trendy and combining ALL these options.  I am officially on the hunt for red boots.

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