And the winner is.....

image from Purl Soho
TA-DA!  Dogwood in Lake!  And, yes, I said that whilst holding a cup of fancy tea.  Dogwood in Lake, daaaahling!

It was so close.  I really want those webby little butterflies...especially after commenter Kat said this:
It's like a preppy goth. Cute little butterflies...but they're all going to die as they fly into the webs. Am I the only one thinking that?
So something must be made with the preppy goth fabric.  But not this month.  This month is the Dogwood in Lake.  I think it will be fabulous.  Now I just have to pick out the contrasting sash color....


Confession: After all the time I spent on Purl Soho, I feel badly that I did not actually buy this fabric from Purl Soho.  For reasons involving cost and shipping time, I actually ordered from Etsy seller fabricplace.*  It will be here by tomorrow, which is pattern cutting day with Nicole and Lauren.  I can't wait to see what they have picked out.  YAY!

*Where are we on the whole "handmade on etsy" issue?  I'm in the sustainable/quality/fashion camp, and kudos to fabricplace for being great, responsive and helpful....but I bet these places are pretty sweet too:

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