What Michelle Obama Wore

That's right, folks.  This past Wednesday, I had lunch with Michelle Obama.  Not just me, of course.  There were 500 of us there eating, enjoying, basking, rallying.  But ten of those 500 were me, my boss Gail Ambrosius--who was generous enough to share these tickets with us!--her family, and my co-workers.  It was an incredible day to play hooky, really amazing.  To be that close to such power is something I've never experienced before.  It didn't hurt that we had front row seats.  To be clear: there is, like, no "zoom" in the above picture.  (Seriously, thanks Gail!)

Anyway, Michie-Boo (as I've been calling her all week) was in Milwaukee campaigning on my main man Russ Feingold's behalf.  He's in a tough senate fight this election, which I won't go into because this is not a political blog.*  But before I segue from speeches to shift dresses, I'll just remind you, no matter what, to vote, vote, vote. 

Okay, shift dresses, right this way...(vote!)

There is no shortage of websites that archive every little thing Michelle Obama has ever worn, but since this is specifically a dress blog it should be pretty obvious why I'm adding another one to the mix: in the sea of Washington two-piece pant suits, she is a breath of one-piece fresh air.  I think there can be something really disarming about leaders whose outfits that don't have a bunch of crotch tailoring, don't you?  Since she was recently named "The Most Powerful Woman in the World", the dress-donning Mrs. Obama may agree with me here.

I was hoping Michelle would be in purple, and she did not disappoint in fuchsia.  It looked perfect on her.  And from Talbot's, no less.  Pair it with a huge mixed media necklace?  Stunning.  And she has just as strong a body as you'd hope for.  With the charisma and warmth to match.

I took video of the event, but don't know how to cut that down quite yet.  It's a shame because I can't find a full shot of her knee length number anywhere else...and I have a feeling you won't believe me when I tell you that she wore silver pumps without pictures.  In the meantime, though, we'll go with more borrowed pictures of that magical noontime with Michie-Boo** and her dress legacy:

*If you want a summary of her stirring speech, in which there is no mention of the word "Democrat" or "Republican", but several mentions of words like "fairness" and "hard work", I will send you here

**The thing George W. and I have in common?  Love of nick names.

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  1. Love love love this! I saw the full length but not the shoes on NBC nightly news. Can't wait to see your video.


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