Waiting and Taping....Waiting and Taping.....

I was sick last week, took a day off work and had PLENTY of time to tape together the dress pattern.  It consisted of 27 pages that first needed to be cut to A4 paper size.  That's what you see happening in the picture above.  Next it ALL got taped together.  The fun don't stop when you have the cold in our household:


Another key element is assembling a downloaded pattern is to make sure the scale is correct and that nothing funky happened on its way to the printer.  (I don't know how these computer things work.) The pattern outlines a 4" x 4" box that you need to make sure is actually 4" x 4".  I'll pretend I'm not concerned that it's 1/16" small:

Anyway, this whole thing is taped together now and is taking up a ton of space in our living room until the fabric arrives.  Poor planning perhaps?..or am I getting my wish to wallpaper the house in this stuff?

P.S.- October is a very happy time in our family...lots of celebrating.  Happy Birthday, Mom!!!

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