(twelve) buttons

Happy Button Day!  Yep, the Fourth Dress just got studded up with some fine buttons.  Six on the slit, four on the bodice and one each on the pockets.  I also have two more to go on the belt before the end of the month...

Who knew you could sew buttons on with a sewing machine?!  I can't believe the stuff I'm learning.

As promised, I did a little guerilla slit making.  I still have no idea (none, zip, zero, zilch) what the directions called for, but it came out looking like it should (before and after buttons):

The bodice looks great:

And the pockets are fully functioning.  I had to hand stitch these buttons in, though.  If I had machine sewed them at this step I would have gone through a couple extra layers of pocket fabric.  You can imagine a pocket-enthusiast such as myself would never want compromise the integrity of a pocket.

We're so close to the end of the month and I can't wait to see what this sophisticated little number looks like all together.  Like I mentioned before, I have to finish the belt and I think I need a few more tailoring adjustments (basically the shoulder straps need to be shortened), but then the Fourth Dress will be ready to wear! 

TEASER: The Fifth Dress pattern is already in the hopper, too!

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  1. Wow! I can't believe what some tailoring will do - it looks great! And already you're finishing up. Way to get through some frustrating times, lady. Thanks again for coming out last weekend! It was great to see you and mister.


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