SOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooo......still waiting for fabric.  But can I tell you why that's okay?!!!!!  Halloween is coming up!  And I have costumes to make.  You get one hint...see: Post Title.

In the meantime, here are pictures of me and Matt last year.  We went as mother and son Lucille and Buster Bluth, from our favorite TV show Arrested Development.  Hilarious!  I'm with my friends Heat and Busta (derby names are great!), and Matt is with his stuffed animal friends, getting ready to whack me with one.  Cutest Couple?  Oh no!  If you know your AD lore as well as we do, you'd know we got Saddest Couple, and were oh-so-proud:

Anyway, I'm working on this year's costumes as. we. speak.  Look for pics later this month.  What are YOU wearing for Halloween?


  1. Fabulous idea!! TJ and I have been racing through the Arrested Development episodes on Netflix; we're taking a break from George Michael and Ann's CD-burning bonfire to check out the blog updates. :)

  2. Ha! You are too cute. Are you really watching it now? We need to talk soon.


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