Please Don't Ask Me How I Got Here...

Please don't ask me how I got here, I have no idea.  But here I am nonetheless!  The bodice is just about done!  You remember those pink contrast basting stitches?  Well, if you ever make this dress...and why wouldn't you because it's as adorable as the instructions are frustrating...those pink stitches form what the instructions call the SELVEDGE EDGE.  Who knew!?  That's where you fold in step 6.  So, just a heads up and an hour saved for you.  
Also, the last step of the bodice called for you to unbaste the bottom edges.   Since they were never basted in the first place, after some soul searching I chalked it up to lost in translation and actually basted it instead.  We'll see how that goes.  The guerilla dress maker in me assumed a few more things as well, but I won't tell you if I'm right or wrong until the dress is done.  No sense in getting more confused.
It's not all bad news though.  It fits me very well, I think.  I was worried about my soup can cutting since the cuts weren't absolutely perfect and this is an absolutely tailored dress.  But we're good.  We're good here.

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