You knew the only thing that could ride the high of figuring out buttonholes had to be pockets, didn't you?  Aw yeah!

Oh, look at me!  I'm a working girl with big pockets and a cell phone!  I even text these days because I'm so fancy.  Again, like every phase of this dress so far, I had a wee bit o' a misstep.  This:

...finally and correctly became this after a long while of sewing and subsequent seam ripping:

And then here is how it all comes together.  For whatever reason, I would have assumed two clean halves come together to make the pocket panel, but there's a good amount of overlap.  Am I the only one fascinated by all the engineering trickery at work in our clothes????

So, here we are!  The last third of October begins and I still have a way to go on this dress plus a Halloween project I've bragged about but haven't actually sewn.  Whoopsie.

And I know I said skirt domination was coming up, but that was before I understood all the pattern instructions.  Coming soon, I swear!

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