Holy Crap, I Sewed a Buttonhole.

Holy crap, I sewed a buttonhole.  And it's only Monday.  What will I do to achieve later this week?  I think I should hang up my hat now and go back to bed.

The pattern instructions were just cruising along....finish bodice...sew pocket flaps right sides together...turn inside out....press....sew a buttonhole.  What, what?!  I knew this dress called for 14 buttons, but I never expected that I would have to sew them before the end.  Quick self-tutorial via my sewing machine instruction book, and I was ready to get it done.

First you switch the thingamabobs:

That footer on the left is a button hole footer.  It's very cool, and kinda collapses on itself as you sew the button hole.  Now you're here.....

...then you're here!:

Then you sew over, back up, over again and done.  Next you WANT to use a seam ripper (!!!) to slice open the hole.  Damn.  I had to give myself a pep talk to actually want to use one of these.  Anyway, I finished my first on on a scrap piece of fabric:

 UGH!  Hideous!  This is my little Franken-button.  When I saw this picture after uploading all of them I couldn't believe I only did one test before moving on to the actual real life pockets...but I did.  And they look great:

Not to shabby for a Monday at all....

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  1. Now that is a fine looking buttonhole! Way to nail it on a Monday morning. I say you deserve the rest of the week off work after this accomplishment!


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