McCall's M6106
What do you get when you cross a cat costume, a kangaroo tail, some green fabric, and some card stock teeth???





Two ferocious dinos, actually.  WHOA!...check Matt out!!!!!  We were the most fearsome pair out on the town last night!  These were hand sewn by yours truly and will never ever be thrown or given away.

I sewed Matt's first, which led to mine being the second and the better looking of the two.  The biggest mistake was using black thread because you see a lot of it.  But for solidarity's sake, I did not correct that error the second time around.

Alterations: Since it was around, I used the cat ears pattern piece to make the tail scales.  Actually, instead of any "ears" at all, I also used that same pattern piece to make dino eyeballs.  The teeth are cut card stock sewn into the lining.  The only other alteration was the yellow oval on the stomach which was mainly used to cover up the black thread I used for the zipper...and to make it look more like a dinosaur (You know what really pisses off a T-Rex?  Ask them if they are dressed up as frogs.  RAWR!!!!!)

So, Happy Halloween everyone!!!!!

Had to throw this pic in...I mean, how often do you sew a tail!?

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  1. Got me scared. Too bad you could not have trick or treated with us as we would have loved to see your costumes in person.

    Love you guys,

    Dad Mouras


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