Fourth Dress Wrap-Up

So, as I type this I'm DONE with the Fourth Dress.  But it's late, and it's dark, and my hippie compact florescent light bulbs don't make for good late night pictures, so you'll have to deal with a recap tonight and a full report card, complete with sessy, sessy pictures tomorrow.

Well, maybe not entirely sessy.  Even with the massive tailoring, the dress came out a little floppy around the waist.  But I'll save my criticisms (and a kudos or two) for tomorrow.  Tonight we get to talk about the final steps.  Like this belt:

I think this thing is so damn clever.  You can see above it's all finished!  Yay!  It's only goes about three-fourths of the way around the body and with the help of two expertly sewn buttons (buttons thirteen and fourteen if you're counting) it really does keep everything snug.

If you're ever going to sew this dress, in spite of all my blunders I do have one tip for you.  When you sew the belt halves together, at the point the stitching will not follow the edges:

In addition to the belt and the hemline, one final nip/tuck was another highlight of the night.  I had once told Matt if we ever renewed our wedding vows I would somehow incorporate the phrase "I promise to always look after you, and to always look up your requested faq's when you're having a hard time beating some level in a video game."*  Wel, tonight, I figured out what he would vow back to me: "I promise to love and respect you, and to pin the parts of your dress projects that are too large for you so you don't have to stab yourself with a straight pin."  He was so helpful:

So, that's a yummy little amuse-bouche for the final review tomorrow.  Fourth Dress, complete.

*count your lucky asterisks if you have no idea what I'm talking about here.

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  1. CUTE! I can't wait to see it in its entirety tomorrow!


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