Fourth Dress Sewing

Woo hoo!  It's begun!  So, we talked a bit about the stretchiness of the fabric.  I'm going to get over that.  This dress has lots of panels and not so many curvy parts, so I'm trying to feel good about it.  Also, all those panels equal a really tailored dress.

This is going to be nice.  I started sewing the bodice last night and almost took a picture of the boob darts to give you a sense of the curves.  But that would have been weird, right?  Every dress I've made up until this point has required some gathering, which is little more than a shortcut to a better fit:


But the Fourth Dress is sleek and fit all on it's own.  I'm excited about this new skill, and perhaps even the lack of forgiveness that comes with it.

Tomorrow we'll take a break from sewing so I can give you an update on an event I went to with a certain Dress Maven.  Marjorie, I think you'll be really excited about this one.

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