The Fourth Dress, Revealed!

Haha, okay...joke's over, time for the reveal.  Here's is the most fabulous of all the October dresses!:

Photos from www.burdastyle.com

Look at the button detail on that slit!  Check out that neckline!  Ignore those boots!  I am loving this dress.  Of course there are pockets, that's nothing new.  I also get another crack at invisible zippers, so, um, yay?  And this dress has a liner, which I've also not yet perfected.  So much to look forward too!  Ooohhh, so sexy:

And has anyone noticed all the hot button details in this picture, too!?  In my handy printed, downloadable instructions it calls for fourteen buttons!!  That is a new skill-to-be too!  So. much. going. on!

While I'm excited about so much, there are two things I'm not excited about:

1) I ordered the fabric for this online, so now the wait begins.
2) I still have to tape all these pattern pages (29 total) together.

But wait until you see the fabric.  New type of fabric in my favorite color.  Be ready, folks!

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