The Fourth Dress Gets the Third Zipper

...and you know what they say, third time's a charm!

I know you we're expecting a zipper post to be full of seam ripping, #@&%-ing, and mishaps.  But I hope you are pleasantly surprised to find none of that here.  Well maybe I'm #@&%ing a little....I dragged myself out of bed early this morning to tackle this thing, but lo and behold: this zipper only took about 10 minutes.  I knew I'd catch a break soon.

All I did was follow the directions and not pretend I'm smarter than the zipper people, like I did here.  And I paid a little more attention when sewing so it looked nice, unlike I did here.  I didn't even take many pictures...You know, maybe skip a few rounds of sewing a zipper in this time?   Oh well....ta da!:

Another point of pride?  I even shortened the zipper.  It was 24" but needed to be 16", so I just sewed across, or "bar tacked", the zipper path near where I wanted to cut it.  Afterwards just cut the zipper an inch below that point.  You'd be surprised at how easy it is to cut through a zipper:

I am SO close to finishing this dress, which is great because I need time to plan for the Fifth Dress.  Any suggestions???  I'm looking for something a little easier.  I feel like I've been sewing a lot this month (homemade Halloween costumes don't help--look forward to that post!) and I want some extra time to connect with other sewing bloggers next month.  

To that end, if you're any type of blogger and you read this site, be sure to put your URL in the comments section.  I'd love to check out what you're up to!

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