Feast your eyes on the most complicated dress is (twelve) dresses history!!!!!!:

Yes!  She's all done, the Fourth Dress.  I LOVE that slit.  It all came out pretty well, too, considering....I am a little frustrated that after having to do a remake the dress is still a little saggy around the sides and back of my hips, but short of another redo I don't know how to fix it.  And I don't think I have another redo in me right now:

You can see it's not quite right, but whatever.  I like the lining, love the pockets, again, the slit, and will look forward to wearing it soon!

It's no stretch to say this pattern was a little out of my league.  Burda categorized it as an "Intermediate" pattern and I am an "Advanced Beginner" at best.  BUT, if you shoot for the moon you'll always land in the blah blah blah....I now understand why muslins are so important and will take this into serious consideration for my next trip to the moon.

There are a ton of details on this dress, a lot of which taught me a new skill.  Let's enjoy some eye candy, shall we?

And though it may not be perfect, I certainly experienced a moral victory.  I. did. not. run. out. of. thread.


*Fourth Dress Report Card*

PATTERN INSTRUCTIONS: See comments about an advanced beginner trying an intermediate dress above.  But also, I have to believe there is a reason this dress was a $4 download.  I would have been challenged no matter what, but I stick to my guns that the word "selvedge" was used incorrectly a few times.

PATTERN SIZING:  I am committed to going one size smaller next time.

FABRIC CHOICE:  This was the first time I ordered online and I should have ordered a swatch,  I had dreams of a really creamy, deep, and wonderful plum, but I have to confess I landed squarely in brown territory.  Color aside though, it was super easy to work with (and you must have known I was hesitant to work with stretch fabric again).  

Looking back I understand that the lining didn't need to be stretch too, which maybe would have helped with the final fitting.  But whatever.  I think the pattern is great.  I read that it is really helpful to use a cotton something or other for the lining though, rather than a silkier fabric, to help the straps stay up.  Good tip.
Also, a different note about this fabric all together: corduroy is really hard to photograph.  It's a light sucker, for sure.

Pattern: $4.00
Main Fabric: $18.07 (including extra fabric and shipping...yay sales!)
Lining: $14.62 (used up all that savings right here)
Notions (thread, a whiff of interfacing, buttons, zipper): $11.86
Total: $48.55

PERFECT OCCASION:  Work.  Wisconsin autumns.  I think this pattern and fabric combo makes a really nice fall dress.

WOULD I MAKE THIS DRESS AGAIN?: After another year of sewing and a muslin, yes.  I would love to make this so it fits me.  Next time in plum.


  1. It's beautiful! So professional and stylish. LOVE the fourth dress! I was thinking about all your lovely dresses last night when I was watching a documentary on Valentino. All of his dresses are stitched entirely BY HAND. The whole damn thing, including sewing on millions of sequins. No machines at all. By all these cranky Italian seamstresses. I love it.

  2. I can't top Nicole's comment. :) I LOVE the dress! When should we get coffee so you can wear it out?

  3. Love it! I still can't get over how cool it is that you're making your own dresses, and they're amazing!

  4. It turned out beautifully! I am so proud of you. Can't wait to see what November brings.


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