Fabric for the Fourth Dress

I tried something new this time...I ordered my fabric online.  It was so fateful, y'all.  Listen up:

When I first saw the Laura Dress (the Fourth Dress) my mind's eye flashed a beautiful vision of plum corduroy.  It was that or nothing!  But I couldn't find it in any local shops, or at any typical online fabric resources.  Then, one day, on some obscure website that has not yet stolen my credit card number, I found it.  AND it was on sale.  Holy moly, hallelujah!  Anyone else getting goosebumps?

On this little journey to find said corduroy, though, I've had to learn a lot.  You may also have some questions:

What the heck is wale?   I haven't even mentioned the word "wale" and you're already asking about it?  You are so smart!  Wale is important when dealing with corduroy...it's one of the parallel ribs or ridges in the surface of a fabric, those things that give corduroy it's look.  It comes in different...I don't know, gauges?...and the smaller the number, the wider the wale.  As the saying goes.  Examples!:

6 wale (6w)  Used to have a couch in this, but rust colored.  It was totally fly.

21 Wale (21w)...supa' fine.
The Fourth Dress will be in an 22w...supa' supa' fine.

You finally got over your fear of ordering online?  Not exactly.  Online ordering still makes me nervous because you can't tell the scale of the pattern.  And I'm too lazy to order swatches.  It doesn't matter so much with corduroy.  Except for the color, but plum is plum....right?

No pictures yet, sadly, but the fabric is meant to arrive early in the week.  In the meantime, if anyone has tips on sewing with corduroy, PLEASE SHARE!


  1. I don't have any tips, but I just have to say that I loooooove, corduroy. I wore my favorite tan cords to work today. That dress style looks like it will be really awesome when it's done.

  2. Thanks! I knew I needed more corduroy in my life.


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