Do You Hear Something at the Door?

*Ding Dong!*  It's the mail man!  Your fabric has arrived!!!

Plum purple corduroy!!!!!!!  Now, it looks a little brown, and you wouldn't be entirely wrong, but look at how sexy this purple is when placed in a "purple range":

Oh snap!  Plum is where it's at.  (It's where the lint is too, but that's more a corduroy problem, not a plum problem.  Oh man, this fabric loves lint like I love the new season of 30 Rock streaming on Netflix...)

Anyway, I'm going to start cutting the pattern tomorrow.  I'm a little worried about pinning a computer paper pattern and corduroy together--might be bulky--so I just might introduce a little technique I've been working on. *taps fingers together like a super villain*  We'll have to see...

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