Okay, new dawn, new day...new skirt panels.  I did not drag out the cutting board, so no soup can cutting this time.  Just good old fashion pins and scissors.  Do-over!

This time it went much much better.   The picture even came out nicer.  Aw, how great!:

See, the middle panel is in the middle now, and the slit is on the left.  Just a quick reminder of how it was when we last left off:

And again, what it looks like now:


But even though I did this skirt panel twice, and made you look at it twice, I still have no idea what they are telling me to do about the slit there.  So I'm going to come at it Sandy-Style.  A little more guerilla dress-making from yours truly.  Which apparently just involves leaving it pinned for now and waiting until it's done to see what makes sense.  What?  That's a guerilla tactic, right?

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  1. It's a better guerilla tactic than the ones I read about on the internets. It's awesome that you can adapt and make on the fly sewing decisions like these now. You are making strides, my gal.


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