I have learned something else about sewing!  Yay me!  Some of the lesser known patterns (I'm talking about brands other than McCalls, Simplicity, etc...) don't always include seam allowances in there patterns!  (Thanks again for the heads up, Tommie!)  Fortunately this pattern does:

So, add it to the list:

9) Seam allowances.  Check early, check often.

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  1. Hi there! Just to let you know, Burda envelope patterns sold in North America, the UK, Australia, etc. have included the seam allowances for maybe ten years. Burda magazine patterns (like Burda Style magazine) don't include seam allowances. I haven't made a Burda downloadable pattern, so I don't know if they always include seam allowances -- definitely some of them do. It's always good to check, though!


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