Andy Warhol, Eat Your Heart Out

On a friend's recommendation, I decided to use a rotary blade and mat to cut out the Fourth Dress.  No scissors here!  Supposedly it makes it easier to cut, get straighter edges, etc etc.  

I have to tell you there was nothing "supposedly" about it.  She was absolutely right.  It sounds lazy, but not having to lift the fabric and pattern up to cut with scissors is such a luxury.  But maybe of more interest to you: rotary cutters really do make a more exacting cut.  I recommend using a small rotary blade for tight turns and corners.

What's all this have to do with Andy Warhol though?  Well, friends, I am perhaps the most clever user of soup cans since 1962:  Since I don't need to lift the fabric to cut as you would with scissors, rather than pinning the dress to the pattern paper I used soup cans to weigh the pattern down and keep it from budging.  Then I rolled-cut away!  Oh. my. god.  I am so smart!:

Not having to pin was a super time saver for me.  Time is an issue when you are an early morning sew-er.  (Or a mid-morning sew-er who actually needs to start get in the shower and get ready for work.)   It's not the route to go when you are working with a pattern piece that's narrower than a can of soup (maybe even a can of tomato paste), so warning!: you can't expect to completely abandon pinning.  But I will certainly be doing this again in the future.  This was my super secret plan!   *taps fingers together like a super villan*   You know what they say: Give a lazy woman a tough job and she will figure out the easiest way to do it.  Turns out, the answer is always soup cans.

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  1. Ooh, your sewing work station is totally enviable! I've been thinking about getting a cutting mat and rotary cutter, but still only have the squishy carpet to lay the mat, which I don't think will really work too well. So looking forward to seeing your fall dress come together!


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