About that "Skirt Domination"...

Um, right...there is no such thing as domination without a lot of hard work...hard and frustrating and swear word inducing work...but we'll get to that in just a sec.  For now, let's inventory our successes...check out the pockets.  They are kind of winking at you:

So, blammo.  Inventory of success done.  Winking pockets.  Yay.  Now we get to the back part of the skirt.  Not only is it not winking at me, but it's just gotta be giving me the bird:

See that panel on the left?  It's supposed to be in the middle.  And that slit on the right?  Um yeah, that's supposed to be on the left.  What. the. hell?

Too much spiked apple cider perhaps?

Too much singalong on the good old Pandora radio???!


Well, whatever it was, also included some incorrectly cut pieces. Yeah, yeah, something went wrong weeks ago and only now is it coming to light.  Whatever.  I can't even seam rip this mother, so there goes all that extra fabric.

I'm turning off the light, and I'm going to bed.


  1. Hey Bleep. I'm not sure what fabric that is, but it looks like something with obvious nap. I don't know if you've worked with nap yet, so I thought I'd warn you before you cut new pieces :-) Make sure you line up your recut pieces in the same direction as everything else you already have cut out so the nap all goes the same way. Otherwise you're going to have some wonkiness. If you already have that covered... ignore this :-)

    ps - Can't wait for Dec. 18.

  2. I'm sorry I have to admit I giggled a little.

    I was going to add what Tommie said. Glad she covered that. I only see that issue with the part of the skirt giving you the finger. but that could also be the lighting, perhaps?

    I was wondering what had happened to you. No posting for a day? Now, I know.

    You are doing marvelously! Keep it up!

  3. Thanks ladies! I think it's just the picture. This dress is corduroy and I would be mightily embarrassed if I cut it the wrong way--ha!

    PS, Also can't wait for the 18th. Let me know if you want to go to F&F! (Nov 21st or 22nd, that Sunday)

  4. Hey glad you pushed through this weekend and started making the correction. And you made me a dinosaur costume! What can't you accomplish in two days?


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