Hey, so no posting yesterday because I transformed from my normal human self into a frantic ball of sewing.  Did I finish by the 1st?  Yes and no...I could have finished by the first, but I ran out of thread.  Damn.  So close.  I have one special add on to finish (!) and the hem.  But no, technically I did not finish.  Then some intrepid readers reminded me that these two dresses were supposed to be my September dresses, so really I'm way ahead of schedule.  Thank god.  I could not keep up this pace.  So that counts as the "yes I'm done", I am way ahead of schedule.

Left, regular presser foot.  Right, never-before-been-used zipper foot!

Okay, so the case of the Appearing Invisible Zipper!  I am not a good zipper sewer--yet.  Invisible zippers take a lot of precision that I did not plan for at all, but will surely be more cognizant of this time.  It started nice:

...but ended not so hot:

I blame much of this on the fact that I stopped understanding the directions and kind of made up my zipper insertion rules as I went along.  Well, that's not entirely true.  I lacked the aforementioned precision, but when anchoring at the top and bottom of the zipper, I also totally winged.

Anyway, whatever.  There's a lot of good news too: this dress fits much much better than the last.  And the sipper, in spite of my flawed technique is actually functional.  AND even if it is now a non-invisible zipper, I have almost-grotesquely long arms to cover it up.  Shouldn't we all be so lucky??


  1. Just and fyi that may make the job of putting in zippers easier... The zipper foot can be attached either to the left or the right. In your close-up of the zipper above you have it attached on the right side when you really wanted it attached on the left. This would have let the bumpy part of teh zipper go by the presser foot, not run over it. Does that make sense?

  2. Hi Sandy,

    What I know about making dresses could go on the head of a pin but, thanks for sharing all the goodies. Gives an old man comfort to know such talent exists in the world. Keep up the good work and enjoy.

    Have a safe and wonderful trip to South Carolina.

    Love ya,

    Dad Mouras


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