Wingy dingys are done!  Oh man are they done.  The sleeve situation was rectified yesterday.  Another yard of fabric, another set of sleeves.  Perfection:

I cut the sleeves out to a size 12 as the rumor was the sleeves are tight on this bad boy.  (Foreshadowing: I did not cut the wings to a size 12.)  I learned a lot as I went on this one.  The first sleeve took me about an hour, while the second one was wrapped up inside 20 minutes.  What a difference a little practice makes.

These were not as easy as I thought they would be, but super clever.  You need little clippy areas:

Then you sew the inner wingy in first, then the dingy, then some clever folding and ironing.  Lots of new stuff for this novice.  I'm always amazed at the ingenuity of these patterns.  You'll have to sew it to understand what I mean, but the fastest way to a cute dress is not always a straight line.

Anyway, they were fun to make....but they aren't perfect.  Like I mentioned, I didn't cut the wingy dingys to a size 12, so they ended up a little uneven:

And the curves weren't as smooth as I'd like.  This was after two tries.  I worry I took the ballpoint needle out of my sewing machine after sewing with knit fabric for the Second Dress REMIX! and replaced it with another poorly organized ballpoint needle.  Something just seems slippery:

But who can tell?!  So you can see I walked away from this whole experience with some tips for the next time.  If you ever make this absolutely adorable dress, here are some other things I learned:

1) Skip step 6 if you're adding wingy dingys.  It may be obvious to you, but well, you know....Whatever.  It wasn't explicit.
2) Also, on step 13, when the instructions tell you to pin and sew on the "OUTSIDE" in ALL CAPS! twice! just do it.  Unless you like seam ripping backstitching.  Then by all means, go ahead.
3) Finally...Have fun!  And watch out for that right hook!:


  1. I particularly like the genie look (lower right picture). Especially with this print!

  2. I'm really enjoying your posts. I made a couple of the View C tops from this pattern ages ago (2007/8) and thought I'd give a dress a go. I didn't want a zipper so I'm sticking with View C for the neck, but the sleeves from View B. Love your descriptive term of "wingy-dingys"!
    Do you happen to still have this pattern? Sometime, somewhere, I have lost page two of the instructions. I thought I knew what to do with the wingy-dingys but then I read what's on page 1 and there's that bit about clipping the section and turning it up. But after that, I'm lost. I can sew all the rest of the dress, but I've never sewn something like the ties!


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