Whoopsies! Third Dress Sleeves

I was so determined to make something with sleeves, but so far I've been nothing but a sleeve saboteur!  You may have seen a bunch of pattern pieces in my last post, but you most certainly did not see all of them.  Missing are the sleeves.

 Sleeves are a funny thing.  Did you know that sleeve pieces kind of look like bodice pieces?  I spent the better part of my pattern cutting wondering where the sleeve pieces were.  I guess I expected them to look like rectangles.  If only I had read the pieces, I would have seen this:

A simple oversight wasn't the end of my problems though.  Remember how proud I was to add those little sleeve wingy-dingys to the sleeves of this dress?  Well I've learned something from that experience:

8) If you're going to alter the available pattern, pull out the pattern in the store, read it, and make sure you have enough fabric.

The wingy-dingys took up more fabric than I thought.  They are kind of a pain to account for because they need to be cut on a bias and because of this they take up a lot of very particular fabric real estate.

Finally, we arrive at the last screw ups: After I had resigned myself to cutting the wingy-dingy lining out of black for a little contrast and to save this fabric, I realized I cut the sleeves wrong entirely.

Because I didn't have quite enough fabric left after my little additions (see Lesson Learned #8) I had to cut the sleeves out where they fit on the remaining fabric.  First, I had to shorten them a bit so they would fit at all.  Then, since I didn't have a double layer of fabric to make the "Cut 2" the instructions called for, I had to cut them out one at a time.  When I went to cut the second sleeves, I forgot to turn the pattern over and ended up with the unusable piece of mismatch in the above photo.

Oh well.

I know that was hard to follow.  The long and the short of it is that I have to start all over with new sleeves, so off to buy more fabric.  Enough for two sleeves and a wingy-dingy.  This is good though, because now I remember the pattern reviews saying the sleeves were too tight, so I'll cut them a little larger the next time around.  Just in case I forget all this, here's my to do list:

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