The Third Dress!

It was quite a chore picking a pattern this time around.  I've bought a few along the way, but I'm just not sure I wanted any of those to be "the next one", the Third Dress.  The Wisconsin seasons have changed all of a sudden, which is definitely influencing my decision.  It was near 90 last week, but yesterday's high was only 65.  I think it's time to sew something with sleeves...

After perusing website after website and pattern bin after pattern bin, a goal such as sleeves is helpful.  (ohmygodtherearesomanycutedressesoutthere!) I narrowed down my options even further when I decided I wanted to give invisible zippers another try.  Considering both of these things, I have settled on another Simplicity Pattern.  I know, I just did a Simplicity Pattern, but this one is just the thing I need.  Plus, I have a handy tutorial from Very Prairie.  Plus PLUS, it has pockets!  AND it's not made with jersey.


You may notice two dresses in the background of that pattern cover.  I'll be doing a bit of both.  The fabulous sleeve wingy-dingys of the dress on the left, plus the pockets of the dress on the right.

Not a complicated alteration, but a change from the norm, which should be noticed given my meager experience.  I have also read that the sleeves are a bit narrow, so I'll have to let then out a bit for my massive guns and giant elbows (see below).  I'm thinking a bold Alexander Henry fabric (maybe this or this?)  I might do some fabric shopping on my vacay, so who knows what Myrtle Beach will inspire...?  We'll know in a week! 

A little big.

Also, since I've been doing all this pattern studying, the October dress is already picked out.  And the fabric.  Does anyone have tips on sewing with corduroy?? It's going to be great.

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