Woo hoo, you already knew this.  But the proof is in the hemming...always the final step:

This fabric was super fray-y (which I don't remember from the last cotton fabric I worked with...any tips?) so I chose to do a little zig-zag binding to clean up the edges first:

But enough about that, here's the finished dress:

BOOTS!  Maybe next time white patent leather??

I just picked this picture because my butt looks good.

Without further ado...


*Third Dress Report Card*

PATTERN INSTRUCTIONS: I've got to give Simplicity a C+ this time.  Some of the steps were so poorly written it seemed like they were translated into English by a non-native speaker...for instance, you can ascertain that some words were come upon in a thesaurus but their message was not in all respects apprehended.  Like that.  So, yeah, some of it was hard to follow.

PATTERN SIZING:  I still need help here.  Correct sizing was THE goal this time, but the waist is still a little big.  I am really glad that I cut out larger sleeves, though, and recommend you do the same.  Also, some people complained the neck was too high.  I have kind of a pencil neck, though, so I thought it was fine.

FABRIC CHOICE:  Um, yes!  I hope to work with some of Alexander Henry's more faboo prints in the future!  I liked how this print had the vertical effect of stripes without the pain in the butt of actually sewing/keeping straight stripes.  This fabric is not something I would have ever ever bought a dress in, but I like the dress absolutely in spite of that.  I'm not a 70s girl, but think the almost neon flowers look good with this throwback style.

Another thing about this pattern, and patterns in general:  I've told you that I'm a solid color person.  I think I'm too...thrifty.....to buy bold patterns because they are harder to subtly cycle through your wardrobe.  (I ♥ to layer.)  But I'm learning that the fun of making your own clothes is that you're willing to cycle them more frequently.  I would have never bought this dress, ever.  But lord knows I needed the color, and now I'm happy to have it.

Pattern: $12.00
Fabric (first cut, plus added yard): $29.69
Notions (big ole spool of thread, wee bit of interfacing, zipper): $8.65
Total: $50.34...whoa, that was a lot more than I thought.  Long sleeves, longer dress, more fabric.

PERFECT OCCASION:  Seriously, the Food Network release party.  It was fun, but business appropriate.  Black, so slightly toned down, but electric poppies, so a little keyed up.  Work party, fo' sho'.

WOULD I MAKE THIS DRESS AGAIN?: I'd like to try it in a solid.  Is it too bold, or am I just too meager, to call this a "Statement Dress"?    Oooo, my old ways are coming back!  I do wonder how much sewing I'll do when this year long project is over.  Probably, hopefully, just as much, but I don't know that I'll be able to keep up the dress pace.  There are too many fun patterns out there.  Like underwear.


  1. It's fabulous! Love it, and a great fit. Congrats on another super cool one-of-a-kind dress!

  2. It's a great looking dress on you, babe. Glad to see so much color on my gal :)

  3. Would you be interested in selling this pattern, that is if you're not going to use it again? I have searched the internet for it. It's been discontinued and I REALLY want it. :) Thanks, Fan Murray (fanmurray@bellsouth.net)

  4. if there's a joann's fabric store near you, wait for their pattern sales at the end of each season. before they put out the spring/summer or fall/winter patterns they must clear space in the drawers for them. to do it, they put the old patterns on sale for 99cents each,up to 10 patterns. put your name on their flyer listing to get a heads up or keep checking their website. simplicity, mccalls, butterick all go on sale.

    wonderful dress at any price, though. nice work.


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