Should They Stay or Should They Go?

Ah, those pockets.  I've given them such an ego swooning over their ease and functionality, and so here they come taking advantage of my exorbitant love.  Here's the situation:

Pockets started great.  I sewed them, didn't understand the directions at first, but figured it out.  (If you ever sew this dress, in step two, they want you to flip it inside out.  Trust me.)

Drop down, flip it and reverse it.

But when I added them onto the front of the dress, things got jumbly.  The pattern easily overlays so while you can't make anything out, you can also tell something is off.  See what I mean?:

Camera One.

Camera Two.
So, anyway...I just don't know.  I was so looking forward to seeing this pattern on a long, very vertical dress (yes, long dresses mean dresses that hit your knees) and I'm afraid the pockets interrupt that.  But they are easy enough to take off so for now they stay.  But be prepared to weigh in on this in the final days of September.

PS, I love how pictures of this fabric sometimes make the flowers look so electric neon orange and pink.   Don't hate, congratulate.

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