Sewing the Third Dress, or Any Dress

Oh Jesus, let it happen.  Sewing the Third Dress has commenced!  Check out this Phatty McPhat Phat spool of thread:

This sucker is getting sewn!  (At least as far as I can get without having to sew the sleeves.  Damage Control on that will happen tomorrow.)

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I may have mixed feelings about the pockets.  More on that to come soon...Right now I want to indulge in a little sewing love.......I am starting to love the flow of how a dress is made.  It starts with an accessory to the dress...like a facing, a pocket, or darts.  It's usually the little piece of flair that makes the dress so attractive to you.  For me so far, this attraction has also always meant learning a new skill.  There's some frustration, but then you get it.  And then you're proud.  Next, you piece the front or back, eventually sewing the two halves together.  And for the first time since the project began, it starts to look like a dress.  After that first hurdle, immediate success.  A tough new thing to a dress.  In a handful of steps.  I ♥ it.

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