Woo hoo!  I did it.  I'll confess that I took these pictures before buying the rest of that darn thread I need.  I was going to lie, but you can totally tell in the pictures below.  I. am. SO pleased with how this dress turned out.  It fits so much better, even when I invented half the pattern pieces.  It doesn't fit perfectly, so that is something I will work on.  My goal for the Second Dresses were to finish by September 1st, and so the quality suffered.  Goals for upcoming dresses will be to put zippers in correctly (boring!) and to make sure they fit (meaning seam ripping as often as necessary).  Remind me of these, okay?  I mean, I'm going through the trouble of making my clothes, so they should be made for me. 

Anyway, eye candy...or at least eye-Sandy-is-making-weird faces.  (Another goal?  Sew during daylight hours so we can get some decent pictures of the dress in natural light!)

A little weird fitting up top there.  I'm just noticing that myself...
Invisible Zipper?
I'm really happy how full the cotton skirt came out, just as I hoped!  I love the color, the sexy applique, the pockets.  Now, off to spend my lunch break buying the thread I need to really finish it!

I finished this is such a whirlwind that I haven't planned my next dress yet, and I'm going on vacation next week.  You guys might need to stumble with me a bit until I get on track.  I might just keep posting pictures of this dress for a while because I love it so much. 


*Second Dress REMIX! Report Card*

PATTERN INSTRUCTIONS: WAY better the second time through.  But I could have used some help on the zipper.  I get that it's a pattern standard to write RIGHT and WRONG sides of the fabric in all caps, but RIGHT and LEFT, too?  Yikes.

PATTERN SIZING: Hehe, okay, I think I figured it out.  That was a little silly of me.

FABRIC CHOICE: YES!  This jersey was a bit more rigid and super eay to work with.  And sewing two different types of fabric was no problem.  I have to give myself a pat on the back here too: When sewing jersey, you should use a zig zag stitch.  Since I was sewing jersey and 100% cotton, there was a lot of dial turning on the machine between straight and zig zag stitching.  Never once did I forget.  Damn I'm smooth....

Also, a note of clarification: I would sew in the jersey matte again, at gun point.  Haha, no but only something small and simple, like a skirt without a lot of weird angles.  A friend just asked me this and I wanted to set the record straight.


Pattern, $10.17 (that's the whole price, even though I used it twice!)
Fabric, $16.60
Notions (interfacing, two spools of thread thread, zipper), $10.38
Total $37.15
Another note: I included the actual price for everything.  I did not "leave out" the cost of the interfacing, for instance, just because I had some left over.  It drives me crazy when you're watching a home improvement show or something and they say "Oh, we'll redo this room for $1000" and then turn and say  "Oh, we found this old, Victorian armoire with golden handles and contrasting inlay in their garage."  Um, no.  I want to make sure you have the whole picture.

PERFECT OCCASION:  This Friday!  Matt is taking me on a surprise date to celebrate the dress.  I have no idea where we are going.

WOULD I MAKE THIS DRESS AGAIN?: Um, I might wait a while.  I might also wait for someone else to make it first (hint, hint) so I can learn from your mistakes, since clearly I did not learn from mine.


  1. I love it! You did a great job! Bring it to wear on vacation.


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