The Most Funnest Part About this Dress

The most funnest part about this dress is not blogging about it with a defunct spell checker.  It's not.  The most funnest part is THIS!!!!!:

Aw yeah, sexy applique!   Do you like?  I would like to say this was merely a stroke of genius, but alas, that would not be entirely true.  This is the before:

DARN!  Those Devil's Tails got me again.  This was the result of a lot a lot of seam ripping and needed to be covered, pronto.  (Seriously, I cannot sew those turn without the jersey and/or my spatial skills going all sorts of crazy!)  But I'm happy to have this solution.  Unfortunately between all the applique and seam ripping, I ran out of thread, and that is why I'm technically not done the Second Dress REMIX by the 1st.

This is the second time I've run out of thread.  It happened with the First Dress too and will have to account for it in my Financials wrap up.  I don't know why I assumed that thread manufacturer's would measure thread so one spool equals one project, obviously!...So, I've learned something:

7) Always buy more thread than you think you'll need.

But anyway, all these lessons and what I can't do are overshadowing the hot flower art I'll have perched on my clavicle each time I wear this dress.  CLOSE-UP!:

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  1. I love the applique! Another example of a hiccup turned beautiful!


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